On Site Welding and Fabrication

Do you need emergency welding or metal fabrication in the London, Essex or Kent area? Rather than spend valuable time and resources in procuring services from external sources and then having to transport the finished weldments or other products back to your site, consider hiring an experienced mobile team of welders and fabricators to work alongside you on site.

A comprehensive on site welding and fabrication service

We provide on site welding and metal fabrication support to clients in many different industries, from construction and engineering to telecommunications and manufacturing. Our team can do it all and come equipped with the latest tools  (torches, punches, cutters, dies, fixtures, etc.). They are well-trained in all aspects of metal-cutting, forming and assembling, from SMAW, TIG and MIG welding to bending, torching, riveting and more. Grounded in the art of welding, our operatives can even create numerous aesthetic effects using specialised techniques that prevent warping and other damage to your metalwork.

What we can do for you

Our operatives are highly trained in all essential welding and fabrication engineering skills, so whether you need on site manual welding, sheet metalwork, pipework fabrication or thermal cutting we can supply all the talent you need. All of our team are experienced in working with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel plate, galvanised steel and mild steel, and are comfortable with handling tube and square stock and sectional metal joists (e.g. RSJs). Examples of some of the fabrication work we get involved in are structural frames; heavy equipment; staircases, handrails and walkways; railings and balustrades; fire escapes; gates and window grilles; fuel tanks, metal masts and drip trays.

An end-to-end on site service

In addition to the actual welding and metal fabrication work, we can also finish the metalwork by sanding, priming and painting ready for inspection. By hiring us to work on site you will also be able to enlist our help in installing the metalwork in place once it has been passed fit.

In addition to being fully trained in high quality welding and fabrication techniques, our team are also committed to working safely and in compliance with current regulations at all times. If you have a metal fabrication project on the horizon and are concerned about the lack of appropriate staff or facilities, please call us to enquire about our comprehensive on site service.


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