We offer RSJ steel beam welding services for the civil engineering and construction industries, or for your residential DIY structural project.

Why RSJ Beams?

Back in 1849, Belgian engineer Alphonse Halbou patented a method for creating I-Beams out of a single piece of steel. These were called Rolled Steel Joists or RSJs. In common with other types of I-Beam (for example, Universal Beams), RSJs are lengths of steel characterised by an I- or H-shaped cross-section, with the vertical part of the ‘I’ called the ‘web’, and the horizontal pieces termed ‘flanges’.

RSJs are used in civil engineering and in construction for a variety of structural purposes due to their special load-bearing properties. According to beam theory, the web of an RSJ is very resistant to shear forces, while the flanges protect against bend forces. It is important to understand that RSJs are not suitable in all structural support scenarios, particularly where there is likely to be transverse or torque pressures involved.

RSJs are also used by small builders and in DIY, often for their ability to replace load-bearing walls in domestic renovation projects. In such cases it is crucial that the RSJs are sized and positioned correctly with the necessary padstones in place (as per Building Regulations); we will be happy to answer any questions you have on this subject.

A complete RSJ fabrication and installation service

As experienced steel fabricators and installers, our team can supply an RSJ to your specifications, deliver promptly and erect your steel beam/s on-site. We can also carry out an initial site survey and provide sound advice based on our many years in the industry.

We aim for 100 per cent customer satisfaction and would be happy to hear from you for more details on your requirements or to provide a competitive quote for one or more RSJ steel beams.

RSJ sizes & specifications

We can fulfil orders to meet almost any architectural specifications. From small 127 x 76mm sections with 4mm webs and 7mm flanges up to substantial 914 x 419mm beams with 21mm webs and 36mm flanges we can provide RSJs that support loads of nearly 400kg per metre. All of our steel beams conform fully to all relevant safety and engineering standards.

So whether you are procuring materials for a large civil engineering or construction project, or simply looking for a single RSJ for a small residential property, please get in touch. We are well-respected in London, Kent and Essex for supplying top-of-the-range RSJ steel beams promptly and are on hand to take your call.

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